Live and Fly and Be

Good morning!!  Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this and if this is a blessing to you I ask that you please share. Feel free to leave comments below. Enjoy!

                                                                               Live and Fly and Be

               Tall full green trees surround me, flowers dance in the grass of the field blown back and forth by the cool morning breeze. The birds sing their morning song and I hum along as I wait for you. First I pace, then I calm and sit and listen. This is the perfect place, so discreet, peaceful, sweet. I think about when I first met you it seemed impossible that you would notice me. Your standards, your name but you are not who others claim or think or believe.

I close my eyes and remember when you first called my name feeling so ashamed, unworthy dirty defiled. Not fit for one with your character. Wooing me, beckoning me with your unrelenting love I surrender my heart, my dreams my all to you willingly, confidently, unregrettingly, unashamed. I am not the same. I was once as a pigeon or crow no real beauty or meaning. Life unfulfilling, abandoned, marooned. No one chased me as a butterfly or wanted me like a diamond, never called me precious or valued or loved.

               You saw something different something I’m not sure I even saw myself. I saw what they see though that was not the real me. Real was hidden deep inside pleading to get out and you were the craftsman who knew how to delicately tediously relentlessly break me free, let me live and fly and be.

              The brook runs quietly, the sun peeks through the leaves, butterflies drink the morning dew. Still the earth is cool, quiet and asleep as I wait and hear you softly speak. Your still small voice soothes me guides me loves me tenderly passionately deeply.  It fills me completes me encourages me to live and fly and be.


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